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How and when did you first become interested in diving into the Loch Ness in search of Nessie?

DAN: In 1969 when I read an article in the newspaper about another sighting of the Loch Ness Monster. This one gave Dr. Roy Mackal at the University of Chicago as the U.S. Director of the Bureau. It stirred familiar thoughts in my gut and as a lark I called him.

TA: What was the original purpose of your first submarine, "The Viperfish," before you decided to use it as a tool in search of Nessie along with Dr. Roy Mackal?

DAN: I wanted to use it for oceanographic research, but I had few options and no clout.

TA: Please briefly describe, if possible, the events that took place on your first dive into the Loch. How long did it last? Were you afraid? Did you only dive once?

DAN: I made around 45 dives that summer. Mostly for the press and sponsors and Disney. The Viperfish made about six good trouble free dives. I was very tired and scared that the boat was going to embarrass me again. And did.

TA: How has the construction of your newest submarine,"The Nessa," been coming? When do you think it will be finished?

DAN: Construction of Nessa is slow since I am doing everything myself. It should be finished this summer.

TA: What is the approximate top speed that the "Nessa" can travel at?

DAN: One and a half Knots for 10 hours or 20 knots for twenty to thirty minutes. She can also stand dead stop in the water or creep in any direction.

TA: Do you have a date set when you plan on diving into the Loch Ness in the "Nessa?" If not, when approximately?

DAN: Around June of 2001. (this has been delayed)

TA: Do you plan on getting a tissue sample of Nessie? If so, what device will you be using to do this?

DAN: Yes, using modified standard medical biopsy devices mounted on the Bow of the submarine.

TA: If you do get a tissue sample, who do you plan on giving it to for study?

DAN: Roy Mackal will advise me on that.

TA: How do you plan on conducting your dive? Will you make multiple dives over a longer period of time? Or do you plan on a single dive?

DAN: Probably one long dive per day for six weeks and working in many training and observation dives.

True Authority would like to thank Mr. Taylor for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions.



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