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Welcome To Quest For The Giant Sloth, presented by True Authority. The expeditions in search of the Giant Sloth in South America were supported, financed and led by S.C.O.P.E (the Society for the Search for Cryptozoological Organisms and Physical Evidence) and the Cincinnati Skunk Ape Research Group. Though the expeditions are now over, you can still read the entries and find helpful information on the Giant Sloth. Please direct questions and comments to this email or visit their website at http://skunkape.veryweird.


"Which One Is Like The Other?"

Busy in the lab analyzing giant sloth DNA, John Lewis and team have made a startling discovery. DNA taken from a museum sample matches perfectly with the giant sloth sample from South America. Not only that, it is also similar to the nearest suspected living ancestor. As Lewis himself says, "This is good. Very Good!"

They are currently gathering more finances to head another expedition, and we will inform you of the latest.

Cincinnati Enquirer: "Tristater searches for giant sloth"


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