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12/05 - Isaac writes
Mr. Niednagel - If a dinosaur were to be discovered living today in some remote part of a jungle (assuming that valid scientific
evidence is provided), what implications would it have on
current scientific theories (i.e. Evolution, Creationism, Global Warming, Dinosaur Comet Extinction Theory)?


A very good question, and one that I chose because of a recent news headline that sheds light on that whole issue. You can read the article in our November issue of True Science by clicking here.

Anyway, as reported in New Scientist last month, as well as a host of other media outlets, phytoliths (tiny crystals) from grass were discovered in the dung of titanosaurs (large sauropods like apatosaurs). This doesn't at first seem to be much of a big deal, until we remember that evolutionists have long proclaimed that grass didn't evolve until long after dinosaurs went extinct.

All of a sudden, grass and dinosaurs are thrown together, and the history books need to yet again be rewritten.

But of particular interest was one particular statement made by New Scientist in their article ... a statement that, quite honestly, I'm surprised they allowed to even be published. In the article they made the comment that placing grass with dinosaurs was once considered by scientists something so absurd as "showing prehistoric humans hunting dinosaurs with spears."

More or less, that's the answer to your question, Isaac. Finding a dinosaur alive today would probably not have many implications to science and scientists as a whole. Sure, things would need rewriting, and some theories would be thrown out, but discoveries that should have the same effect as finding a live dinosaur today are being made all the time.

Take the coelacanth, a fish found still alive in this century that was thought to have gone extinct millions of years ago. Take the Wollemi pine, a tree found still alive today in Australia that was thought to have gone extinct millions of years ago (it even was dubbed the name 'Dinosaur Tree). And now, take grass, thought to have evolved long after the dinosaurs and yet was recently found to be alive and well (and highly evolved, as they quoted) during the reign of the dinosaurs.

Sadly, no, I don't think it would have great implications. Again, certain theories would be discarded, such as perhaps the comet extinction theory, but they would only be replaced with new evolutionary ones.

That is my opinion. Thanks for writing.

Jordan Niednagel

12/05 - Dominik writes ...
Mr. Long -Hi, I would like to go through the history of earth (from
big bang until now) and to look at what contradicts the bible
and what not. So i'm asking you, can you recommend me some
good books to read about the big bang, evolution, the age of earth, dinosaurs, the way earth was created and so on, that have a "scientific back-bone?" What is your personal opinion about the existence of dinosaurs? Because when you assume that dinosaurs were extinct before mankind was created, you're contradicting the bible, as it's said, that before
adam there was no death.. (and by the way they wouldn't have had much time today, when you believe the six days it took to create the world), so is this another hoax of scientists? Has the bible to be read word by word, e.g. it took six days to create, not 6 eras, or has it to be understood symbolically? Thank you in advance for your answer. God bless you.


Hello Dominik,

I selected your question to be highlighted for the month because I felt you had a lot of questions that many other people have probably thought about also.

First thing's first ... a good book about the big bang is Refuting Compromise by Jonathan Sarfati. This book is actually meant to be a refutation of Progressive Creation as taught by Hugh Ross. But I think this would be a good book for you, because Sarfati explains in detail what the big bang teaches, and what the Bible says, and of course, how they do not go hand-in-hand. He also tears down arguments made from progressive creationists who attempt to defend the big bang. As for having a scientific backbone, Jonathan Sarfati has a Ph.D. in physical chemistry. Of course, the fact that he is a creationist will make a lot of people scoff at him as being a "real" scientist, but his credentials speak for themselves, and he is very good at backing up what he says.

You're absolutely right that it would be contradicting the Bible to assume that dinosaurs were here before mankind's existence. We believe that dinosaurs and man were both created during the creation week as taught in Genesis, and dinosaurs went nearly extinct during the flood. Few may have remained for awhile after the flood, but in my personal opinion (not TA's necessarily), I don't believe there are any dinosaurs alive today. If one were to be found, I'd be more than happy that I was wrong, however. :)

As for it being a hoax of scientists that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, I do not believe that it is. (I want to point out that there are many creationists who have real scientific credentials, so they are scientists too who simply hold a different view of how the world started.) Many people believe dinosaurs existed millions of years ago because they are looking at the facts from a different starting point than we are (we start with the Bible, while evolutionists usually start with "naturalism" (which isn't even natural).

Here's a good article you should read:

There are always a few rotten eggs who deliberately lie to support their view, and creationists are no exception. But as a whole, I think most people are honest in what they espouse to be true.

As far as the Bible having to be understood literally or symbolically, that really depends on what you're reading. It's best to just take what you're reading according to its context, and determine whether the context of that passage is meant to be literal or symbolic. A good rule of thumb is to let the Bible interpret the Bible, and not let outside influences interpret it. As it relates to creation, Genesis 1 makes it pretty clear that God created everything in 6 days, and Exodus 20:11 makes that very clear as well.

Ask yourself one question: if you had never heard of evolution, or the claim that the world is 4.6 billion years old (in other words, start with a clean slate), and you had read Genesis 1 for the first time, would you think that the book was teaching you that the world was created in 6 days, or would you assume that it was speaking of 6 very long periods of time?

I hope this helps,

Josef Long


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