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5/04 - Ryan B. writes
Mr. Niednagel -HIV evolves resistance to drugs, and provides concrete evidence for evolution. How can you say, then, that evolution is not fact?

A very, very interesting question, Ryan. Certainly, I don't ever want to ignore scientific evidence when it's shouting at me, and far be it from me to ever do so. What you say is absolutely true. The HIV virus, the cause of AIDS, "evolves" resistance to drugs even faster than we can make them. The virus can in fact produce billions of copies per day, and can "evolve" in less than a few minutes sometimes. Let's, however, take a fresh view of the situation.

HIV producing HIV is not the evidence needed to prove particle to people evolution. It's still HIV, and hasn't changed into anything else. Secondly, new, unique information isn't being created, and the opposite has in fact been shown to be true.

A researcher by the name of Veronica Miller of Goethe University (Germany) experimented with HIV years ago, and discovered something remarkable. On one particular patient, she stopped all antiviral drug treatments, and the few surviving original (or "wild") types that had infected the patient began to grow faster and out-compete the vast numbers of newer resistant forms that had developed in the hospital (from the treatments). The wild types, according to her, were also more dangerous, because they were much more efficient than the new strains that had survived the drug treatments.

The significance of the situation is clear. The newer, "evolved" strains acquired resistance due only to a loss of information somewhere. The originals were better, stronger, more efficient and far superior to the newer ones, which actually shows a digression and not a progression. Information loss is the opposite of what evolution requires (in the long run).

Certainly, the creation model has no problem with change, and HIV changing due to a loss of information not only goes against evolution, but supports creation.

Thanks for writing,

Jordan Niednagel


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