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7/04 - Jake writes
Mr. Niednagel - Instead of hard fossil evidence, you go on to claim that the coexistence between dinosaurs and humans is highly based on some engraving on a monk's tomb in the Middle Ages or the fact that legends of dragons were popular? That's hilarious.

Well, whatever your intentions, thanks for the question/comment. I'm not sure if you're purposely trying to be misleading or are just uninformed, but the idea of dinosaur/human coexistence is based on a much greater amount of evidence then just a monk's tomb. I could literally go on for pages and pages, hours and hours, when discussing this highly interesting topic. And that is why, in fact, TA has done such in the Dinosaur section of our website.

What's interesting to note is that dinosaur and human cohabitation is not just a belief of creationists, but is actually accepted by a number of evolutionists as well. A fine website that I visit regularly,, is in fact dominated primarily by evolutionists who hold on to the possibility that some dinosaurs may have been alive in recent past or are even still alive today. Their explanations and interpretations for why some could still be alive, of course, are vastly different, but they still are open to the possibility. My question to you is, why couldn't dinosaurs still be alive? The coelacanth was thought to have gone extinct many millions of years ago, and yet was found to be alive during this past century. A number of thought-to-be extinct animals have been discovered in recent times, to be sure.

Sadly, even if a dinosaur was found alive today, most evolutionists wouldn't think twice about it. What should be a major problem for their evolutionary ideology is instead molded and twisted to somehow fit their preconceived bias. "A dinosaur still living, and nearly identical to its fossil ancestors? Well, it could happen. Perhaps its secluded habitat protected it from the outside world and it didn't need to evolve."

In any case, know full well, reader, that creationists are not the only ones who think dinosaurs have lived until recent times.

Thanks for writing,

Jordan Niednagel


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